Alternate Reality

by Bluffs

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This here's an album about escapism in its constructive and destructive forms. It's dysphoria, it's frustration, it's demanding a place for yourself in an area that wants you out. I wanted to make something that addresses a constant desire for reinvention and the feasibility of that concept based on what you might be tethered to.

It's my first album as Bluffs and I hope you'll like it. Thanks to Chris, Quentin, Nate, Sam, and everyone else for their constant support and for letting me show you all this dumb stuff.


released April 14, 2017

Steve Beres - vocals, lyrics, keys, bass
Cynthia Soap - guitar, drums, backup vocals



all rights reserved


Bluffs Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Alternate Reality
When I'm living in an alternate reality
I don't do
When I'm living in an alternate reality
I hate to think
I only sing

I'm stretched out I'm moaning
I will always be free roaming
When I'm living in an alternate reality
Track Name: Brand Loyalty
If I'm ever feeling lonely
and without the power to stand
I take comfort in knowing
I'm being loyal to my brand
Track Name: Chop
chop up the image
until you can't identify
you're a husk in a field
you're a soul on the sly

what's an inner life
what's a life outside
what a life to be lived
with all or nothing to hide
Track Name: Do What People Do
I look like a window shopper
I want to do what people do
Don’t have the legs to be fence hopper
I want to do what people do
Track Name: Easy
take your little baby steps
I can't speak to you when you have baby's breath
chip needs me to have a hairy chest
can't stand the command but I want the best

I want an easy sleep
with no sickness of self
when I imagine the mirror
it is falling off the shelf
Track Name: Flight School
I learned how to fly
went above a hate rally
And unleashed my bladder
I became invincible
And lived in public places
And climbed under every ladder
Even if I graduated in my sleep
What does it matter
Extreme in my dreams
To look forward to whatever comes after
Track Name: Gunk
watch how I’m never washed off
when I cough I take off
a chunk of the gunk
I’m a hideous hunk

one more moment and
you’re gonna love me
I melt in your mouth
I melt in your hands
I melt in adjacence to wherever you stand

I’m gunk on gunk
a hideous hunk
traipsing across
your elephant trunk
Track Name: Hurricane
the total product of light
is bound to have some dark
but I won't do a thing to fight it
support both insulation and spark
hitting hurricane in the face
doesn't make you any better
so I'll sit here in judgement
as you succumb to the weather
Track Name: Ice Cream Cone No Thank You
I don't need
An ice cream cone
You can cram it in my bones
You can cram it in my bones
I want the IV hooked up
I'm going out strong
Burned out trash heap
I hope you'll sing along
No thank you
Track Name: Jaw
what’s this feeling in my jaw
I need to cut it
need to cut it
need to cut it
need to cut it out
I chew on my fatal flaw
I can’t ride down
I can’t ride down
I can’t ride down
ride down foul route

tie something to it
attach it to the door
you lost another tooth
don’t need it anymore
Track Name: Listen, I've Been Drinking
I've been drinking
A little too much tonight
Onto the bullseye
That is in my sight
Ooh I'm gonna
Tear down the house tonight
Track Name: Marionette
I don't want to have a heart
so there's no threat of you crushing it
I don't have a heart
I want to be your puppet
Track Name: Night Seems Nice
night seems nicer
than the sunlight
I like to be alone
always feels right

I sleep in
I drive around
on my own clock
nothing needs to be found
is it head in the sand
is it head becomes cloud
I can’t hear the answer
it’s all too loud
Track Name: Old Jokes
I’ve been telling old jokes
like they’re still funny
but we are getting tired
and losing all our money
Track Name: Pit Stains
I can't go outside
Because I've got pit stains
Don't want to look like a nutcase
Just want to pass by plain

And it's probably not
That big of a deal
But I feel like a burden
Might make you upchuck your meal
and it's probably not
that big of a deal
but I feel like a bird and
might make you upchuck your meal
Track Name: Quote Unquote Good
I'm quote unquote good
Relative to the situation
But list the reasons I've been wronged
And it could occupy a dissertation

So I'm good
I've been worse
Don't fire up that hearse
Track Name: Rolled Your Car in Butter
You rolled your car in butter
Can't take it any further
Smashed into potatoes
Smashed into the girder

Tasty treat for the sad sack
Who wants to see you suffer
Breaks down your breathing room
Call it a backwards buffer
You rolled your car in butter
Track Name: Shut Down
When I think of you I shut down
I lose any sense of laughter
Catch me dry heaving Without End
Catch me hanging from the rafters

I need a day to recalibrate
I need a day to unwind
I need a day to release
And get you out of my mind

Pick and choose from the crowd
Of people I used to speak to
With every old face I forget
I split myself in two
Track Name: Till the Day I Die
I promise to do this
Till the day I die
Which could be tomorrow
Could be tonight

Happy to be in the focus
But always staring over my shoulder
Expecting a plague of locusts
Or an out-of-control Boulder

And I'm no bolder
When I'm Frank with my fright
But know it never came from nothing
It was always in the light
Track Name: Under Microscope
Take a look at me
under a microscope
savoring the sputum
to get away from a rope
to get a whiff of hope

Is there a chance
Is there a chance
Is there a chance
I can feel like a person
Not a cardboard cutout
not an abstraction
but a genuine source
of satisfaction
Track Name: Virus
My legs are too frail
for the weight of a new body
I will sit still
and let it continue to rob me

Can you feel a virus
Can you feel a virus
Can you feel a virus
inside of us?
Track Name: Wither
watch me wither away
20 cents or a dollar a day :-)
Track Name: Yippee!!!
Cheer for some small thing
I don't care if it's ridiculous
If you walked outside, brushed your teeth
This is no time to act inconspicuous

You did it
You're trying
A little movement
Is all you need
To keep your heart from dying
Track Name: Zonked Beyond
I’m zonked beyond something rational
and my eyes are sunken in their sockets
the zoo’s been emptied
because I missed the demand to stop it

it’s a wreck
a pile up
i'm a crashing car
i’m pumped full of something
i’m a shooting star

catch the million moods
flying off like a cardinal
because I used up everything
from my own arsenal

it’s a wreck
a pile up
i'm a crashing car
I’m pumped full of something
I'm a shooting star

it's a wreck
a pile up
i'm a crashing car